Divrei ben Abuya

In the Babylonian Talmud, Elisha ben Abuya was a great sage who lost his faith in God. So great was he that his and subsequent generations continued learning from him - to the extent that the authors of the Talmud needed to create a story that would serve to legitimise his teachings despite his apostasy. His lesson is a lesson for us all: that great stature is not contingent upon blind faith, nor high learning upon the observation of Torah precepts.

June 05, 2006

"My Soul Thirsts"

This may be the new Satmar Rebbe of Kiryat Joel, but his song sounds a little familiar... Perhaps the revolution will be televised?


At 1:38 AM , Blogger ליפא שנילצער said...

no its not the old satmar rebbe, its the new satmar rebbe(KJ) last lag baomer

At 8:17 AM , Blogger Simon Holloway said...

Thanks: I've changed the post accordingly.


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