Divrei ben Abuya

In the Babylonian Talmud, Elisha ben Abuya was a great sage who lost his faith in God. So great was he that his and subsequent generations continued learning from him - to the extent that the authors of the Talmud needed to create a story that would serve to legitimise his teachings despite his apostasy. His lesson is a lesson for us all: that great stature is not contingent upon blind faith, nor high learning upon the observation of Torah precepts.

May 22, 2006

i am shocked

This is an amazing blog. As Gil Student put it, "If this doesn't make you cry in sympathy and scream in outrage then you should check to make sure you have a pulse". It is one incredibly brave man's recounting of the sexual abuse he suffered at the hands of a perverted Rabbi.

I'm not religious, but I cannot believe how close a prayer is to my lips. This should never happen.


At 5:09 PM , Blogger Flyingcowman said...

Over the course of reading the linked story I felt my insides hollow out, replaced with a thick, damp emptiness. Above all else I was disgusted by a complete lack of empathy; that another person is just as much a human being as they (In this case, more so). Such despicable animals should never be allowed freedom, let alone power.

On a side note, you mention in your post that it was a Rabbi, although it was a camp leader in their late teens. He was, however, a favourite of the community Rabbi.


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